Nov 22, 2016

Google Express v11.0 (November 17, 2016)

Fast home delivery from local stores like Costco, Target, and Walgreens.
New users can get a month's free delivery on eligible orders, when you spend $15+ at each store you shop.*

Here's what you can do with Google Express:

• Get your stuff delivered today or tomorrow
• Choose a delivery window that works for you (you don't have to be home)
• Skip the lugging and unloading
• Easily reorder your go-to products

Prices are the same as in-store. Delivery starts at $4.99, or can be free with membership.*

Now available for Boston, Manhattan, Chicago, Washington DC, Nevada, most of California, and parts of the Midwest.

*Free delivery means no shipping & service fees. Eligible orders (a) meet store minimums before taxes & fees in select delivery areas, (b) exclude restricted items, (c) are not scheduled for delivery during a 2-hour window, and (d) are placed by someone with active membership subject to terms & conditions. Service fees apply to ineligible orders. Pricing may change. Same-day or overnight depends on availability of delivery windows. 3-month trial offer expires January 31, 2017. See .
Learn more about how much delivery costs at .
Data practices and other terms and conditions at .

Get it on Play Store :

Download Google Express v11.0 (November 17, 2016) APK - 40 MB
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