May 23, 2015

Live Case 1.11

Download the Live Case app to make the most out of your limited-edition Skrillex Live Case.

Don’t have Skrillex Live Case? Get yours at
Live wallpaper
Extend the space theme onto your screen. During the day, you’ll get stunning images of Earth shot from Skrillex’s satellite, Nanou. At night, the live wallpaper switches to show you visible constellations based on your current location.
VIP access to Skrillex content
Get first dibs on a free album from OWSLA, Skrillex’s own label. Stay in the loop with updates sent directly to your phone.
One-touch access to your favorite stuff
Customize your case’s shortcut button to launch your phone’s camera, open any app or, of course, visit Skrillex’s site.

Get it on Play Store :

Download Live Case 1.11 APK - 27.38 MB
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